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Do you want to be a champion?

Are you:

  • Well known in your community
  • Talented at bringing people together
  • Passionate about networking
  • Driven to spread peace and awareness

UNDP Iraq’s Social Cohesion Programme is looking for 30 champions of social cohesion in Iraq! Tell us how you bring Iraqis together and send us your resume. Your work to connect the people of Iraq can be online or in-person.

What does it mean?

  • Your profile and community work will be featured on UNDP Iraq’s online platforms.
  • You will join a network of champions that have exclusive contact with UNDP Iraq’s Social Cohesion Programme, including opportunities for collaboration.
  • You will receive updates on training and event opportunities.
  • You will have access to UNDP’s network in Iraq.

See the selection criteria below. Please send your resume and a short biography about your work with your community to by 08 May at 11:59 a.m.

Selection Criteria

  1. Champions are not selected through a formal decision-making process, but they play an influential role in their communities by exercising tolerance and promoting peaceful interactions.
  2. Champions should not participate in incitement of hate speech or discrimination. 
  3. Champions should not currently work in government, although they may be publicly involved.
  4. Champions may fall under the following categories: religious leaders, academics, artists, professionals, athletes, activists, youth, and media personalities.
  5. Champions may be of any ethnic group, region, sex, or age.
  6. Champions should have a story to share regarding their experience with social cohesion in Iraq, including experience engaging with various ethnic groups and communities different from their own, or how they work to influence family and friends who may not exercise tolerance towards others. 
  7. Champions should be aware and comfortable with the fact that their name, photograph, and story will be made public through the UNDP social media pages and website.
  8. Of the 30 champions recruited in 2020, 15 should be female and 15 should be male.
  9. Champions should be representative of all regions of Iraq.



About UNDP Iraq’s Social Cohesion Programme

Support for Social Cohesion in Iraq is a five-year programme launched in January 2020 to improve the enabling environment for peace and social cohesion in all areas of Iraq. The programme is built on integrating the success and lessons learned from previous social cohesion projects and interventions. It takes a multi-faceted approach that addresses institutional frameworks, local mechanisms, media and advocacy, institutional and individual capacities, university curriculums, inter-group and state-citizen relations, and conflict-sensitive responses. As part of the programme’s media and advocacy component, various initiatives launched on social media encourage social cohesion and unity in Iraq, including the Social Cohesions Champion Project, funded by the Government of Denmark.

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