The life-changing story of Hunar

Hunar, 24, was born and raised in the Khurmal district of Halabja Governorate, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where the infamous massacre took place in 1988. Hunar is the eldest of five, three sisters…  

Protecting frontline officers from COVID-19 in Iraq

Protecting frontline workers who deliver vital services to the public is key during the coronavirus pandemic. UNDP is working to ensure that law enforcement officers in Iraq are protected from…  

Sanitizing schools: Securing a safe environment for education in Iraq

Education is one of the most powerful contributors to sustainable development and securing safe access for students is vital during the coronavirus pandemic. A new initiative to ensure students in…  

E-Learning in Iraq: Embracing Modern Technologies to Overcome Covid-19

Six months after the coronavirus outbreak, Iraq is still recording high number of daily cases. The pandemic imposed a total lockdown during its early months and had a major impact on the educational…  

Iraqi youth step up: Future leaders help those in need

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Iraqis have witnessed youth stepping up to help those in need across the country. As one of the most youthful countries in the world, this support is vital…  

COVID-19 in Karbala: The faces of the frontline response

Since the pandemic reached Iraq in mid-March, the number of people contracting the virus each day has steadily increased – with the total now reported at over 175,000 cases nationwide.  

Six Years After Sinjar Massacre, Support and Services are Vital for Returning Yazidis

Sinjar is a district in northern Iraq’s Ninewa Governorate; it was once home to an estimated 420,000 individuals representing diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds . It is widely known as the…  

Rebuilding Mosul in the midst of a pandemic

Under its Funding facility for Stabilization Programme (FFS), UNDP has been active in Mosul before its liberation, working to restore critical infrastructure and services, provide short-term job…  

In pictures: Building a foundation for Iraq’s recovery from COVID-19

The continued growth of the COVID-19 crisis in Iraq could result in long-lasting health, security and economic implications for the nation’s most vulnerable people.  

Seven Messages of Hope: Unity in Iraq During COVID-19

Iraq has been in a state of lockdown since March, and the novel coronavirus continues to spread through the governorates of one of the world’s most resilient nations.  

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