Peace through the eyes of Anbar’s youth

“We choose peace because we want to connect people”  

Diyala streets: connecting people and boosting business

“When we return from the street, we are not walking in mud and dirt, which is great for a home of 39 people…there is a lot of coming and going,” said Anram.  

Igniting change for women in Iraq: Nibras

As the lead Site Engineer for the Domeez electricity substation in Mosul, Nibras is challenging gender stereotypes about women working in construction in Iraq.  

Igniting change for women in Iraq: Huda

About half of Iraq’s engineering graduates are female — but proving to find work after studying is sometimes a challenge. As the lead site Engineer at Al Qubba Substation in Mosul, Huda shows this…  

Painting for pupils: Beautifying Mosul’s schools

A dedicated team of residents from Mosul — mostly women — are earning an income by providing almost 200 schools with new desks, colourful murals and luscious plants.  

Sowing the seeds of hope

As Mosul’s first female Project Manager, Mahasin is challenging traditional gender roles in Iraq with confidence, hope and determination.  

Reading and rebuilding: Mosul University Library

Mosul University’s Central Library — once a cultural icon — was ravaged by ISIL. But that hasn’t stopped students continuing their love for reading.  

What happens next: Responding to disasters and building for the future.

The average conflict lasts nine years and most displaced families are away from their homes for 17 years. This places a strain on refugees and their host communities, creating even bigger chasms of…  

Iraq After ISIL: Repairing Homes, Rebuilding Communities

During the battle to liberate Iraq from ISIL, millions of people fled their homes. When they returned, many found their homes damaged or destroyed. UNDP is working to repair thousands of homes across…  

The women rebuilding Iraq

After nearly four years of conflict with ISIL, Iraq is recovering. Meet 15 women defying traditional gender roles and working to stabilize the country.  

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