Through the lens: capturing the beauty and adversity of Sulaymaniyah

Located in the foothills of Suren mountain, and just a stone’s throw away from Ahmad Awa, one of Kurdistan’s most famous waterfalls, it’s no wonder that local photographer’s Hemn Omer Ahmed and Rebeen…  

Illustrating equal access to education for girls and boys

In honor of the global campaign ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’ (November 25-December 10), the students of Sinuni Secondary School demonstrated their passion for equal access to…  

Giving hope to six Syrian refugee families

Qushtapa camp, 05 November 2019- Amal, Heyam, Marwah, Najma, Shereen and Tuleen were among millions of Syrians who were forced to flee the war in Syria to neighboring countries.  

Peace through the eyes of Anbar’s youth

“We choose peace because we want to connect people”  

Diyala streets: connecting people and boosting business

“When we return from the street, we are not walking in mud and dirt, which is great for a home of 39 people…there is a lot of coming and going,” said Anram.  

Igniting change for women in Iraq: Nibras

As the lead Site Engineer for the Domeez electricity substation in Mosul, Nibras is challenging gender stereotypes about women working in construction in Iraq.  

Igniting change for women in Iraq: Huda

About half of Iraq’s engineering graduates are female — but proving to find work after studying is sometimes a challenge. As the lead site Engineer at Al Qubba Substation in Mosul, Huda shows this…  

International Refugee Day: Hadiya and Suleiman finally together

Qushtapa camp, 20 June 2019- The International Refugee Day was marked on 20 June 2019 with the wedding of Syrian refugee couple Hadiya and Suleiman at Qushtapa camp near Erbil, the Kurdistan Region of…  

Painting for pupils: Beautifying Mosul’s schools

A dedicated team of residents from Mosul — mostly women — are earning an income by providing almost 200 schools with new desks, colourful murals and luscious plants.  

Sowing the seeds of hope

As Mosul’s first female Project Manager, Mahasin is challenging traditional gender roles in Iraq with confidence, hope and determination.  

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