Behind-the-scenes: Meet the stabilization team in Mosul

We take you behind the scenes to meet UNDP Iraq’s dedicated team working on stabilization efforts in Mosul.  

Teachers of Alqosh strive towards creating a healthy environment for learning

The teachers behind the kindergarten school in Alqosh share their observations and experiences on what it takes to create a healthy environment for children.  

Building a healthier, fairer Iraq

Crises like the ISIL conflict and COVID-19 have exacerbated inequalities in Iraq. Essential health services and infrastructure have deteriorated, and not everyone has had equal access to necessary…  

In Salah al Din and Anbar: Rebuilding comes after mine clearance

This International Day of Mine Awareness Day, let’s look at how important it is to mitigate the threat of explosive devices, while clearing rubble and rebuilding infrastructure Iraq has lost during…  

From war in Syria to landing a job in Duhok: “We all deserve an opportunity”

I am Mohamad Kalo, thirty years old and a father. After Daesh occupied many parts of Syria in 2018, I had to flee my village, Ali Gamish, located in Derki north of the country, leaving everything…  

Access to clean water sparks joy for an entire village in Anbar

For the 25-year-old farmer, Flah Kamel Abedulah, sustaining his farm has been challenging due to the lack-of-water supply to his village, Al Khaseem, in the Al Qaim district of Anbar. The water…  

A word from our mothers

To celebrate Mother’s Day in the Arab region, we asked UNDP Iraq staff to tell us the best advice they’ve received from their mother – or any wise words they’ve given to their own children.  

Raising Voices for Diversity: UNDP Iraq launches citizen journalism platform

Amplifying the voices of youth on topics related to peacebuilding and reconciliation is key to creating a strong and unified national identity in Iraq. In December 2020, UNDP Iraq launched a citizen…  

A year of COVID-19: How UNDP responded with agility in Iraq

Today marks a year since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. On this day, let's look at how UNDP in Iraq was quick to respond to the…  

Behind the hospital doors: Meet the strong women of Al-Batool hospital

As we continue to celebrate the strength of women in Iraq this March, UNDP takes you behind the hospital doors of the Al-Batool Maternity Hospital in Mosul to meet the inspiring doctors and nurses…  

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